The sports reports once again include the latest from spring training workouts in Florida and Arizona and ESPN has the schedules posted.  While much of the nation doesn’t enjoy such geography, baseball spring training is a precursor to the returning warmer climes elsewhere.

Spring is officially less than a month away.  So, it's not too soon to think about re-invigorating physical activity for yourself and for your family.  After months of shortened days and shivering in cold weather, the motivation is high for making the most of the coming sunshine and springtime temps. Browse regional magazines, newspapers and online publications for upcoming organized walks, hikes and bike rides for family weekends.

For starting or restarting a regular fitness program, checkout the helpful information provided on The President's Challenge, a President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition program.  For children and adults, there are physical fitness tests, awards, tips, programs and challenges. The site also provides tracking tools and advice on setting goals.

As the players take to the field for Major League Baseball spring training games and warm up for the baseball season opener, be confident that you have a plan for your own spring training workouts.  And, as you do, remember the importance of hydration and that balancing calories consumed with physical activity is essential to maintaining a healthy weight.