Here inside the Beltway, we spent a great deal of the month of February digging out from snowstorm … after snowstorm … after snowstorm. So it's no surprise that the last few days of pleasant, yet slightly unseasonal, weather have had Washingtonians out and about and, importantly, being active! After all, those mounds of dingy grey snow have started to show not-quite-green grass once again. Even some flowers are pushing their way out of the ground as we gear up for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

No matter the season, however, it is essential to be physically active - and just as essential to stay hydrated. Whether shoveling snow or playing flag football, those activities burn calories - which is important to the overall equation of maintaining a healthy weight. If done vigorously, these activities will make you sweat, and may even cause you to lose hydration and other key nutrients such as electrolytes. So no matter your activity, be sure to drink enough fluids.

If you want to learn more about hydration, you can check out the hydration section of our Web site.