Throughout the last week of July spectators from around the world were entertained and inspired by Special Olympics athletes at the 2015 World Games in Los Angeles. The games brought together 6,500 athletes from 165 countries to compete in 25 different sports competitions.

These athletes are no strangers to facing difficult battles. Off the field they must navigate through a world that is often unforgiving and discriminatory. The Special Olympics gives them a platform to compete, to win, to lose, to find encouragement and realize their potential.

Elite Special Olympians train just like Paralympic and Olympic athletes, dedicating hours upon hours to honing their skills. Just like all athletes, they also understand the importance of preparation, including the need to hydrate before, during and after their events. If you watched any of the 2015 World Games, you’re well aware that water and sports drinks helped fuel the athletes throughout the games, and their successes in turn promoted fair play for all and encouraged countless people to hit the track, dive into the pool and get active.

The beverage industry has been a proud sponsor of the Special Olympics for decades. The support we provide is just a small amount compared to the inspiration they provide us all.