It’s Friday and the weekend is almost upon us!  Weekends are a great time to catch up on things we missed or neglected during a busy week: gathering with friends, enjoying time outdoors, getting to the gym and – not everyone’s favorite - household chores. So, this weekend we’re giving you something to feel good about between loads of laundry: facts on recycling!

Did you know that beverage containers are among the most recycled materials?  Recycling reduces the amount of energy needed to produce something new while also protecting the environment by preserving landfill space and reducing water pollution.  Now more than ever beverage producers are using ‘green’ technology such as solar roofing and high efficiency refrigeration to save energy during the manufacturing process and delivering beverages using innovative, light-weight packaging to reduce the use of raw materials upfront.  And, all of our containers  are 100 percent recyclable!

For more facts on recycling and to find out more about recycling in your own neighborhood, be sure to visit our website.

So, feel great about doing your part by recycling today and every day! Wherever you are, Think Inside the Bin!