In response to “Employment Impact of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Taxes,” a study on the economic impact of soda taxes in Illinois and California published in the American Journal of Public Health, the American Beverage Association issued the following statement:


"No matter how you look at it, soda taxes mean fewer jobs. Americans have made it clear they don't support taxes and other restrictions on common grocery items, like soft drinks. Soda taxes have unintended consequences on middle-class jobs and small businesses. For these and other reasons, tax proposals continue to fail wherever they are introduced.

Change happens when everyone works together - government, academia, healthcare and businesses like ours. It's time we collaborate to find real solutions. We hope serious thought leaders will agree."

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The American Beverage Association is the trade association representing the broad spectrum of companies that manufacture and distribute non-alcoholic beverages in the United States.  For more information on ABA, please visit the association’s Web site at or call the ABA communications team at (202) 463-6770.