You’ve heard from us here at Sip & Savor many times about why soda taxes aren’t a real solution to obesity.  And we’ve also shared points of view from others who also believe – based on fact, science and economics – that soda taxes are a misguided approach.  Today we wanted to share the perspective of Trevor Burrus of the CATO Institute.  While we may not necessarily agree with all of his opening premise, he has some really interesting – and valid – points to share, which he breaks down into three categories:  the “primitivism of politics,” the “modern fallacy of ‘public health’” and a “properly formulated slippery slope argument.” His main point?  “Arguments like these do not treat people with respect, and they encourage lawmakers and technocrats to regard people with different tastes as parasites rather than people…We should be better than that.”

We couldn’t agree more.

You can check out the full column by clicking here.