We here at Sip & Savor recently saw an online survey demonstrating how Americans in different regions of the country often use different words to describe the very same thing, and our industry is no stranger to this fact. When asked in this survey, “What is your generic term for a sweetened carbonated beverage?” 53 percent of respondents said “soda,” 25 percent responded “pop” and 6 percent said “soft drink.” They all had the same idea; just a different way of expressing it.

Regardless of what beverage you are drinking, how you say it or in which region of the United States you choose to reside, our member companies are proud to be providing more options to you than ever before, including a wide variety of low- and no-calorie beverages. So whether you are on the Eastern Seaboard, in the Midwest or on the West Coast, our member companies are delivering more beverage options to your community, making it easier to choose a beverage that’s right for you.

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