It’s September, which is synonymous with Fashion Week in New York and other fashion capitols abroad. In Vancouver, one designer has taken inspiration from fizzy beverages.

According to a local Vancouver paper, North Shore News, designer Grandy C. “embodies the effervescence infused in her latest collection of couture dresses.” Named Soda Pop, her collection calls to mind the first sip of soda. “Everybody knows what it’s like to open up a cool can of soda – that first icy, sugary rush feels great,” says Grandy, proprietor of Grandi’s Atelier.

“I designed this collection with two ideas in mind. One is to demonstrate that, in fact, tapping into our creativity is like opening a bottle of soda. You just have to find the opener,” says Grandy. “The second idea manifested itself in the bright colours and bold shapes.”

Soda, pop, fizzy drinks – whatever you like to call it – has been an inspiration for TV shows, art and now, fashion. To read more about the collection, click here