With much of the Midwest and East Coast of the U.S. blanketed in snow, this late winter snow storm has given many a day off from their usual work or school routine. Here in the nations capital, we've put a political spin on storm Saturn with the nickname Snowquester.

Whatever you call the weather, the snow may be a good time to catch up on the things we sometimes neglect in our busy lives - staying physically active and getting enough rest. These two things, according to a recent survey from the National Sleep Foundation, go together hand-in-hand. In the recent poll, those who engaged in anything from moderate to vigorous exercise every day reported better sleep quality overall than those who had no exercise. The poll goes on to show that even little things throughout the day that aren't typically thought of as "exercise" can improve a night's sleep - such as simply sitting less.

So, if your backyard is covered in snow, get out there and enjoy it. Your dreams will thank you.