As we’ve previously reported, this spring has been a strange one when it comes to the weather – tornadoes, floods, the list goes on.  We’re happy to share that today has been a beautiful day here in the nation’s capital.  Not too warm, not too cold …. And not a drop of rain.  So as the work day winds down, or as the children make it home from their after-school activities, why not take a few moments to sit back, relax and refresh?  We encourage you to “sip and savor” your favorite beverage – whatever it may be.  Our member companies make a wide range of beverage choices that are refreshing and delicious all by themselves – or if you want to be creative, you can try mixing them up a little.  How about a Black Cow?  Or a Cranberry Bomber?:  Or perhaps a bowl of Lemon Sherbert Punch? And if these don’t seem intriguing, check out this list of “mocktails.” The choices are many!  Enjoy!