In Connecticut, state lawmakers are considering a one cent per ounce tax on beverages with sugar like juice drinks, soda, sports drinks and teas to help fill budget shortfalls. It’s a story heard time and time again: rather than tighten their belts, politicians try to squeeze more money out of taxpayers despite the burden a tax will put on small businesses and families.

Chris Roos of the Teamsters Union Local 1035 told WTNH News 8 that beverages taxes like the one in Philadelphia are a job killer.

“We saw a big decrease in jobs in the Philadelphia area once this ‘Soda Tax’ went into effect. Drivers, warehousemen, production workers, about 30 percent decline in workers,” said Roos.

There are better ways to fix Connecticut’s budget deficit than putting the burden on small businesses and hardworking families. To learn more about the negative consequences of beverage taxes, visit The Truth About Beverage Taxes.