If you are frequent reader of Sip & Savor, you already know about the many ways our industry delivers on its commitments – including ways to help support recycling.  Not only do our member companies produce 100 percent recyclable packaging, they also have a long history of supporting local programs to help implement or expand curbside recycling which addresses all recyclables.

For example, we partnered with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to provide technical assistance to local communities in the state to help them implement a Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) waste system.  PAYT offers an immediate and significant incentive to households that reduce trash and increase recycling by charging residents a fee for each unit of waste they discard instead of a fixed fee per household.

With its support of this PAYT effort, the beverage industry is making it easier for everyone in those communities to do their part to help protect our environment.  For more information on this and other industry-wide initiatives, check out our Earth Day news release.