Today is Earth Day, and here at Sip & Savor, we are marking the day by reflecting on the efforts we have taken throughout the past year to help make our planet a better place to live.

For example, our member companies supported a pilot project called “Recycle on the Go” in Palm Beach County, Fla., to make recycling empty beverage containers easier and more accessible to residents and visitors while on the go.  We purchased the recycling bins, placed them together with waste containers in parks, beaches and on boardwalks – locations that may not traditionally have recycling containers – and provided funding to support the program.  And as we monitor its progress, we are seeing that our efforts are having the intended effect of collecting recyclables and minimizing waste!

As an industry, we’re leading the way and doing our part to minimize our environmental impact, and we’re helping consumers and communities do the same.  What are you doing?  Share with us on Facebook and Twitter.

To learn more about industry efforts and what our member companies are doing to protect the health of our planet, click here.