Let's be clear. There's a lot of misinformation about the value of our 100% recyclable plastic bottles, including in this Rolling Stone article. Here are 7 things you may not know.

  1. We want our oceans free of plastic. We share in Americans' frustration when they see plastic bottles wind up as litter in oceans, beaches, parks or roadways. We recognize the serious need to reduce new plastic and keep our bottles out of the environment.
  2. Our plastic bottles are not intended for single use. Not all plastics are created equal. America's leading beverage companies are proud to use a valuable and versatile plastic, known as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), for their beverage bottles. PET is the most recycled plastic in the world.
  3. We're committed to reducing new plastic. Our bottles are carefully designed to be 100% recyclable - they are made to be remade into new bottles. Through Every Bottle Backwe are making investments to reduce our industry's use of new plastic by strengthening recycling infrastructure, modernizing technology, boosting collection rates and providing greater access to recycling collection at home.
  4. We're partnering with environmental and sustainability leaders, like World Wildlife Fund, Closed Loop Partners and The Recycling Partnership, to achieve our shared goal of reducing plastic use and improving recycling infrastructure. We're working with these leaders to measure our progress in using less new plastic, identify regions across the country where we can make significant investments to improve infrastructure and collection, and educate consumers on the importance of recycling our bottles.
  5. Our recycled bottles are in high demand. More than 1,570 million pounds of recycled PET is used annually to make new products as varied as carpet, playgrounds, clothing and shoes. This means less new plastic in the environment.
  6. Our industry is taking action. Our industry is leading to educate consumers on the value of our plastic bottles. That's why, later this year, we will place a uniform label on bottles so consumers understand that our bottles are 100% recyclable. This label will help consumers recycle better and increase recycling rates of our valuable bottles.
  7. Our commitments on plastic are meant to serve as a catalyst for others to do more. We are eager to work with those who share the goal of using less plastic. None of us can do it alone. Together, government, industry, environmental groups and consumers should come together to develop new, innovative ideas that will help us use less new plastic and ensure our bottles and caps don't wind up in places they shouldn't or wasted in landfills.

For more information on how we're working together to reduce our use of plastic and increase the collection of our 100% recyclable bottles, visit EveryBottleBack.org