Discriminatory taxes on food and beverages have real consequences for real people. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is proposing a tax on beverages and Jones Soda, a local Seattle-based beverage company, is speaking out against the tax calling it misguided and not well thought out.

 “This kind of a tax will impact us in a big way, as well as our peers, our partners, our distributor partners,” says Jones Soda. “It doesn’t do enough to educate people about nutrition.”

 As we’ve seen in other cities, regressive taxes can cause layoffs and a decline in sales for businesses all over the city, like Jones Soda. “Education around proper nutritional guidelines is the best way to combat the obesity epidemic,” says the local beverage company.

 They’re correct. Public health issues require real and lasting solutions and taxes on food and beverages are not the answer. Check out balanceus.org for more information.