With Labor Day weekend behind us, it's nice to look back and reflect on the fun we had over the summer.  For many of us, that included lots of outdoor physical activity.  While long summer days and bathing suit weather are great motivation to get out and get active, it's important not to let the change of the seasons make physical activity any less of a priority.

In fact, if you follow the "10 Tips for Fall Fitness," published in last week’s WebMD, you'll see that the fall season is just as good of a time as any to pick up a new outdoor activity or spice up your fitness regimen.

According to Chris Freytag, a fitness instructor and fitness expert with Prevention magazine who was quoted in the article, the most important elements to sticking with a program are "the three C’s."  These are commitment, convenience, and consistency.  So, find a fitness plan that is fun for you, easy to access and one that you can stick with!

And remember, just because the weather will soon be turning doesn't mean that hydration isn't just as important in the fall or winter than it is in summer.  Drink up to stay healthy!