We often hear reports in the media about certain ingredients in our foods and beverages that cause us to question their safety, but when it comes to Bisphenol A (BPA) the science speaks for itself.

BPA, the ingredient that helps prevent spoilage and protects certain foods and beverages from direct contact with the can, has been studied time and time again by countries around the world. And organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration and European Food Safety Authority have found no public health risk for consumers of any age associated with BPA in any food or beverage.

The truth is, BPA has been used in food and beverage packaging for more than 50 years and is designed to keep what’s inside from being contaminated and safe for consumers to eat or drink.

The beverage industry is committed to making products that are refreshing, innovative and safe, and our packing of these products is no exception. To learn more about the facts behind BPA and other ingredients found in our products visit LetsClearItUp.org.