In case you missed it, Congressman Aaron Schock, R-Ill., has an op-ed in POLITICO today which explains why he introduced a bill earlier this week to stop taxpayer-funded ad campaigns that attack food and beverage companies.  Schock writes:

“Using taxpayer dollars to attack the beverage and food industry might seem like a good idea to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but it’s this exact type of harmful government spending that we can ill afford and serves no purpose in the overall wellness debate — other than to be critical of domestic companies that employ thousands of hardworking Americans.”

We’re happy to see another well-respected lawmaker stepping up to take on this wasteful government spending.  Schock understands the importance of educating consumers and leading a balanced and active lifestyle.  In his conclusion he states:

“I fully support and try to live a healthy life, myself, by making smart choices about what I eat and drink and by working out regularly. These are the types of behavior we should be promoting — not using our precious tax dollars to attack job creators in a time of sustained levels of high unemployment.”

We fully support Congressman Schock’s legislation, the Stopping Taxpayer Outlays for Propaganda (STOP) Act, and hope you will, too.  Check out his full op-ed by clicking over to POLITICO.