We’ve often blogged about the safety of aspartame and other low-calorie sweeteners. Oftentimes it is in response to media coverage of a published paper or an abstract presented at a scientific meeting.  Today we thought we’d share an article from FoodNavigator.com which reported on a meeting of European Union scientific experts.  The group, which gathered recently in Italy, once again confirmed that low-calorie sweeteners, including aspartame, are safe for human consumption.

The FoodNavigator.com article also references a French group asking for a pregnancy warning label regarding aspartame based on the findings of a Danish study from 2010.  So we also wanted to share a few facts on that particular study that we shared in response, which can be found here.

The main point we’d like to reinforce with our readers today:  low-calorie sweeteners are safe. So if you’re looking for a low-or no-calorie beverage to quench your thirst, you can do so with confidence.