We have some great news to share!

As reported in this Reuters article, 16 of the nation’s biggest food and beverage companies have delivered on their 2010 pledge to remove 1.5 trillion calories from the market place, and in 2012 they succeeded by selling 6.4 trillion fewer calories!

Due to beverage industry innovation and the availability of more low- and no-calorie beverage options, the average calories per serving in beverages is down 23 percent since 1998, and 45 percent of all non-alcoholic beverages sold today have zero calories. People can choose from a wide variety of products in a range of portion sizes and calories.

We’re delivering results in schools nationwide as well! In 2006, we announced – with former President Clinton and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation – that we would remove full-calorie soft drinks from all schools and replace them with a range of lower-calorie and smaller-portion choices. This effort has led to a 90 percent reduction in beverage calories in schools nationwide. In support of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign, our industry committed to greater calorie transparency by placing clear calorie labels on the front of every can, bottle and pack we produce. And through the Calories Count™ Vending Program, we’re reminding consumers to “Check Then Choose” or to try a low- or no-calorie beverage. The beverage industry is working hard to meet consumer needs.

It is clear that America’s top food and beverage companies and their public sector partners are doing their part to reduce obesity – producing real, tangible results – and we’ve only just begun.  To learn more, visit deliveringchoices.org.