The summer months often find many of us on road trips – whether visiting family, heading to the beach, or perhaps sporadically heading out Route 66 to see where it may take us.  If you’re getting ready to hit the road, AAA provides all kinds of resources for your summer travels – from road trip preparation tips to road trip etiquette.  And while we’re in the car with the kids, perhaps relying on some classic road trip games to keep them entertained, it’s also important that we stay hydrated.  But as we find opportunities to enjoy our favorite beverages, it’s also important that we remember to recycle the containers those beverages come in – even when we’re on the go.

So today we thought we’d share with you an article that not only provides advice on how to prepare your vehicle to recycle everything from beverage containers to newspapers and candy wrappers, but also some important tips to keep in mind as you travel by car.  And if you happen to have Internet access on the road, check out our recycling issue site for some fun recycling facts.

Safe travels – and remember to “Think Inside the Bin!”