Americans are experiencing less "green guilt" this year than last, according to a recent survey by the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation. It seems that many are not only recognizing how easy it is to recycle, but following through with their actions - and feeling good about it! Today Sip & Savor will focus on some recycling facts to inspire you and your family to go "all the way" green at your home and office.

• Did you know that leftover food is, by weight, the largest component in the nation’s waste stream, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency? Americans throw away more than 25 percent of the food prepared in the country each year. That’s 96 million pounds of food! The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that just 5 percent of that food could feed 4 million people for one day. Try to buy only as much food as your family needs, or make arrangements with a local shelter before your next big event.

• The energy saved by recycling a plastic bottle can power a computer for half an hour. To determine exactly how much energy you’re saving by recycling, use the National Recycling Coalition’s “Conversionator!” It lets you drop items into a virtual recycling machine and does the math for you. And on that note – about half of the polyester carpet made in the U.S. today comes from recycled PET soda bottles. Keep it up!

• Finally, and this is one of our favorites -- According to the EPA, in 1987, only one curbside recycling program existed in the U.S. As of 2007 there were almost 9,000.

Our industry, too, is constantly working to further reduce its environmental footprint. And with its Full Circle plan, the beverage industry has furthered its commitment by working to reinvigorate recycling across the country. Together we can continue making a difference, and having a positive impact on our environment - one bottle and can at a time.