After a number of failed attempts to tax soda and candy in the state, some Connecticut lawmakers are at it again.  We here at Sip & Savor have time and again expressed why we oppose such discriminatory policies.  Recently we came across an article on and thought we would highlight reader reactions:

“If you’re going to tax sweets and sodas, then put in the same Bill an additional tax on Video Games, Game Consoles, and accessories for Video Games.”

“This effort lacks basic common sense and understanding of human behavior and parenting skills.”

“Sweeet!  Another reason to shop out of State.”

We couldn’t have stated our reaction to this short-sighted proposal any clearer than that.  Singling out any one food or beverage under the guise of making people heathier just doesn’t make sense.  And it would negatively impact local businesses too!  If we want to get serious about obesity, it starts with education – not laws and regulation.