Why? Bringing about real and lasting change is not as simple as slapping a regressive tax on one item and walking away. It involves the hard work of changing behavior.

For years now America’s beverage companies have been supporting people’s efforts to reduce the sugar they consume from beverages. We have listened to our consumers and continue to offer more options to fit their evolving tastes. 

Through innovation, America’s beverage companies are working to bring people a greater variety of choices so that there is something for everyone, whether that be smaller portion sizes of long-time favorites or a wider selection of options with little or no sugar at all. It’s innovation like this along with information and encouragement that can have a lasting impact in communities that need it most. 

Punching consumers in the nose with taxes will do nothing but hurt working families and local small businesses. By working together – industry, government, public health –  we can make balance achievable for everyone.

To learn more about how America’s beverage companies are supporting people’s efforts find their balance, visit http://balanceus.org/.