These articles pop up often - a hand-wringing headline about low- and no-calorie sweeteners, devoid of scientific evidence. Take a recent article from Fast Company asking if diet soda makes you fat. The answer is no.

The body of science affirms the effectiveness of low- and no- calorie beverages. The CHOICE study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirmed that low- and no- calorie beverages can help people cut calories and shed pounds. A 2009 paper in the International Journal of Obesity concluded that those who successfully maintain weight loss use several dietary strategies to do so, including consuming more low- and no- calorie beverages, which may help because it gives individuals a wider range of choice.

A recent British study published in Nutrients, confirms previous research findings which have shown that replacing caloric beverages with low- and no-calorie beverages is associated with lower calorie and lower added sugar intake overall and can be a useful tool for weight management. Additionally, earlier this year, a study published in the journal Obesity showed that participants who drank low- and no- calorie beverages versus water alone not only lost weight and kept it off, but reported feeling less hungry.

Not only are these sweeteners effective but they are safe. Low- and no- calorie sweeteners have been studied for decades and have been repeatedly deemed safe by regulatory agencies around the world, including the 2015 Dietary Guidelines.

Even a vocal beverage critic industry who has studied the issue, says, “none of the studies make a convincing case that no-calorie sodas contribute to weight gain.”

It's time to put the myths to rest.

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