Access to fresh fruits and vegetables is important for students to excel in school, which is why we are proud to celebrate Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh’s Boston Food Love program, the first place winner in the Large City category of the Childhood Obesity Prevention Awards.

The Boston Food Love, or BOSFoodLove, will improve access to fresh fruits and vegetables among Boston public school students through school meals. To ensure the effectiveness of the program, food waste studies will measure what students discard and what items are being regularly consumed. A first set of waste studies will determine where engagement, education, perception-shifts and menu changes ought to start. Waste studies later in the program will gauge the effectiveness of the efforts put forth.

Parents and students will also have a say in the program, as a coalition of students, parents, staff, and other key stakeholders will be convened to inform the development of the student engagement components of BOSFoodLove, and will advise on menu changes and tastings, fruit and vegetable samplings and education, and other activities to build excitement around fresh food and school food.

57,000 students will benefit from BOSFoodLove through increased access to school meals that is are more in line with their needs and preferences, informed by insight provided through plate waste studies and guided by a coalition with real stakes in the process.

Congratulations to Mayor Marty Walsh! Through programs like BOSFoodLove we can have a real and lasting impact on the health and wellness of communities nationwide. Find out more about BOSFoodLove and other Childhood Obesity Prevention Award winners here.