Legislation to modernize recycling infrastructure in Massachusetts is gaining steam, according to an article in the Boston Herald. A measure under consideration by Massachusetts lawmakers would enhance recycling in the commonwealth by taking advantage of advancements since the current bottle deposit law was enacted 33 years ago.

Specifically, the proposal would replace the current 5-cent deposit on beverage containers with a 1-cent per container fee to be paid by beverage distributors and wholesalers.

“The fee would go toward a fund to help cities and towns develop modern waste reduction programs such as single-stream recycling, which allows people to put all their recyclables, bottles and cans included, into a single container without sorting,” reported the story in the Boston Herald.

The container redemption rate in Massachusetts declined from 68 percent in 2011 to 59 percent in 2015 signaling it’s time for an overhaul.

Nicole Giambusso, a spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Beverage Association, said in the article, "People like recycling at home. They like having that convenience. There is a clear preference away from the deposit system."

A new comprehensive and convenient recycling system would be a win for the people of Massachusetts and the environment.