Late last week, President Obama unveiled a new Middle-Class Task Force that is charged with "raising the living standards of middle-class working families in America."

One of the five goals of the task force is: "Helping protect middle-class and working-family incomes." A laudable and worthy endeavor - and one the President promised America in his campaign.

As the President and his advisors do their work, we implore them to keep in mind that helping to protect middle-class and working-family incomes means protecting the affordability of the everyday items they need to buy: such as groceries, clothes, gas, personal products and services such as television, Internet and transportation (taxi, bus, subways).

Unfortunately, the public is hearing right now that these very items are targets for taxation – which would raise middle-class costs and jeopardize their jobs making and providing these products – from Washington lawmakers, governors, state lawmakers and local officials. Washington lawmakers, for example, want to tax these consumer products to pay for various infrastructure projects or pet programs.

The President's creation of a task force focusing on the plight of the middle-class is right and much needed right now. But its success will be determined in its execution: by himself, the Congress and state lawmakers.

Let the President know your concerns – he's actively asking for them. Let your congressman, senator, governor and local leaders know too (some seem to be more doing to you than asking of you right now.)

What should the President do to protect and ease your cost of living?