On Monday, the American Beverage Association joined President Clinton and Dr. Clyde Yancy, president of the American Heart Association to announce the remarkable results of the School Beverage Guidelines implementation. The diligent efforts of America's leading beverage companies to remove full-calorie soft drinks and replace them with lower-calorie, smaller-portion beverage choices has led to an 88 percent reduction in calories from beverages in schools across the country.

President Clinton called it "breathtaking progress."

The president touted the collaboration between the beverage industry and non-profit organizations, as well as the innovative school beverage guidelines, as a model for effectively tackling societal concerns. Check out his comments in these video highlights from his news conference.

For more about the changes that have been made in America's schools, please access the Alliance School Beverage Guidelines Final Progress Report, which shows a number of remarkable achievements. Here are some of the notable achievements:

Calories available from beverages in schools have been cut dramatically. In fact, 88 percent fewer beverage calories were shipped to schools between 2004 and the end of 2009. Full-calorie soft drinks have been removed. Shipments of full-calorie soft drinks to schools have declined by 95 percent. We have successfully changed the beverage landscape in schools across the country. The guidelines provide for a range of lower-calorie, nutritious and smaller-portion beverage options. The School Beverage Guidelines are a national standard that is in place and working. In short, the beverage industry worked with its school partners to accomplish a change in school nutrition that Washington is still just talking about.

Our industry is the only industry that has voluntarily and successfully implemented a national standard in schools across the country. For more information and to view the final progress report online, please click here.