Here at Sip & Savor we've often provided our perspective on the importance of physical activity - and how balancing the calories we burn with the calories we take in is essential to a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle.
Today we'd like to encourage you to share your vision for the future of physical activity for our nation's schoolchildren.  How?  By visiting the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) website, reading about its PE2020 initiative and sharing what you think physical education should look like in the year 2020 and beyond.  This online forum is phase one of a two-year initiative which will help NASPE revise its strategic vision for physical education in schools.

After all, we know that schools can be wonderful environments for teaching our children about both physical education and nutrition - as well as places where children can learn healthy habits that can last for a lifetime.  Our industry is also doing its part to help children learn about the importance of a balanced diet and exercise.  Just this year, our industry successfully implemented national School Beverage Guidelines which removed full-calorie soft drinks from all schools and replaced them with lower-calorie, nutritious, smaller-portion beverage choices.  We delivered on our commitment to parents and schools to change the school beverage landscape - slashing calories from all beverages shipped to schools by a dramatic 88 percent since 2004. This is something our industry is very proud of - and we thank our school partners for their support in this effort.