Yesterday in Philadelphia, members of the Philly Jobs. Not Taxes. coalition came out in large numbers to make their opposition to Mayor Michael Nutter’s soda tax proposal heard on the steps of City Hall.  Among the soda opponents was Jonathan Saidel, former Philadelphia city controller, who noted the negative impact that Mayor Nutter’s proposal would have on jobs in the city.

In today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Mr. Saidel once again shared his views in an opinion piece, reminding the Mayor that “no means no” – after all, the very same idea was soundly rejected just last year by Philadelphians and their City Council.

The fact remains that the Mayor’s proposed tax is regressive and discriminatory.  Philadelphia families are already battling an unemployment rate of nearly 10 percent – this is clearly not the time to add to their burden.  Mayor Nutter and the City Council need to find ways to control their spending without piling on more taxes.  The people of Philadelphia can decide what’s best for their families without government help – and yesterday’s lunchtime rally is proof of that.