Taxes on common grocery items harm consumers and businesses who can least afford them and economic data and research confirms that this approach to addressing health concerns and obesity problems is misguided. Then why do lawmakers continue to propose them?

In a recent Lehigh Valley Business article on the beverage tax in Philadelphia, editor at large Bill Kline claims it to be, “One of the most outrageous money grabs in recent American-government history.”

While the tax is on the point of distribution, the city claims there is no need for them to pass along the tax to consumers. “The next time a business doesn’t pass along a tax to consumers will be the first time,” says Kline.

These taxes are known to hurt low-income families and small-businesses and in this case, all to fill a budget hole.

Disguising money grabs as public health solutions is only hurting consumers, retailers and workers. If we want to get serious about tackling these issues it starts with doing the hard work in places where it’s needed the most.

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