The beverage tax imposed on Philadelphians has been in effect only a few months and the negative outcomes of it continue to hurt small businesses and residents who can least afford to pay it.

But those who are feeling the burden of the tax are speaking out against its harmful effects. Just yesterday more than 18,000 petitions were delivered to City Council asking for council members to “Ax the Tax.” These petitions complained about the loss of good paying jobs and how most of the revenue generated by the tax this year is not going to Pre-K as promised.

Many small businesses have had to cut jobs and trim employee hours just to stay in business in Philadelphia. Hundreds of layoffs have been announced, stores have said they have seen sales go down 20 percent as residents flee to stores in the suburbs to buy untaxed beverages. Local businesses are hanging on by a thread, and people who live paycheck to paycheck can’t afford huge price increases. Which means the outcry against the tax is sure to continue. When will City Council listen to the concerns of their constituents?