As we wrap up March Madness, we need to give a big tip of our Sip & Savor cap to the University of Connecticut women's basketball team for its undefeated season, capped last night by easily winning the NCAA National Championship game.

Perfection is hard to achieve in anything. It's certainly difficult in the world of sports today, with so many great athletes and teams. To go 39-0 is incredible, regardless of the sport. And to win every single one of those games by double digits is mind-blowing.

What's particularly impressive is this UConn team is truly that - a team. UConn has always had great women's teams that have achieved their share of championships. And those teams were led by star players who were household names, starting with Rebecca Lobo. This UConn team? Name a player on the team. Obviously, they have tremendous players, but team came first, not individuals, with this particular group. And it produced one of the greatest seasons in all of sports history.

We also congratulate the North Carolina men's team for its tremendous play in winning the National Championship game (maybe Big Ten teams just shouldn't be allowed to play in national title games in football or basketball for a's getting kind of embarrassing getting blown out every time - whether it's Ohio State in football and basketball or Michigan State this year. We're talking totally clobbered. As in game's over 10 minutes into the action.)

UNC put on one of the truly great performances in the history for the NCAA men's title game. And they, too, did so in team fashion. Relentless, the talent they threw at a hapless Michigan State team.

As for Sip & Savor's bracket, well it started good but ended as miserably as Michigan State did. Oh well. And yes, the person in our office who knew nothing about the teams in this year's tournament and entered a bracket for the very first time did win our pool. So we were at least correct on that prediction. (Those pretty powder blue uniforms...)

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