If you are going through Olympics withdrawal and have an irrational desire to watch people accomplish amazing physical feats – we’ve got something to share.  The Paralympics are here and can help to tide you over, if only just a little bit, until the next Olympics in Rio.

Coming full circle yesterday, the Paralympic torches have finally returned to London, the birth place of the Paralympic movement. Organized by Dr. Ludwig Guttmann in 1948 in a hospital outside of the city, the “Stoke Mandeville Games” were created to coincide with the London Summer Olympics. The initial “Games” not only played a key role in rehabilitating injuredWorld War II veterans, but also provided hope and inspiration for people with disabilities. Inspired by Guttmann, the first official Paralympic Games coincided with the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome.

Watching these amazing athletes compete can reminds us of how incredible the human body and spirit can be. Perhaps it may even inspire you to go out and try a new sport - or motivate you to incorporate more physical activity into your busy daily routine.  After all, we know that staying active is a key component to a balanced lifestyle.

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