The first week in April doesn’t just bring with it the season premiere of Game of Thrones and the opening days of baseball.  It means the beginning of spring!   After the long winter that many throughout the country experienced, it’s no wonder that people are letting their hair down and celebrating the promise of nice weather.

This weekend, temperatures throughout the country are expected to rise, and with that, we can expect a great migration of people to the outdoors.  In case you forgot over the long winter, warm weather also means that you need to make more of an effort to stay hydrated.  Fortunately, our industry provides the resources for you to do so.  From sodas, 100 percent juices and teas to waters and sports drinks in a variety of low- and no-calorie options, we’re making it easier than ever to choose the beverage that is right for you.

So get outside and get active this weekend!  And let’s hold out hope that we can get those May flowers without any more April showers.