Tastes have changed drastically over the past hundred years and so has the beverage industry. We can thank our consumers for that!

The changing lifestyles and preferences of Americans is what drives the beverage industry. And our member companies have created a diverse array of beverages to meet that consumer demand.

Consumer preferences have led to more low- and no-calorie beverages, smaller portions sizes, new flavors and new kinds of beverages like energy drinks.

We also heard our consumers when they said they wanted more control over what their children could have in school. The beverage industry introduced the School Beverage Guidelines, which removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools and replaced them with lower-calorie and smaller-portion options.

Consumers also made it known that they wanted the facts about their products at their fingertips. In response we launched Clear on Calories, which placed easy-to-read calorie count labels on the front of all our products. Even on the environment, we’ve been lightening our containers and making them reusable as consumers increasingly demand that more packaging for foods and beverages be made recyclable.

We are proud that our consumers are tastemakers and that our constant innovations and improvements meet with their approval. Find out more about what we’re doing at Ameribev.org.