You don't have to fly to Munich to celebrate Oktoberfest's 200th anniversary.  In many regions of the U.S., the bratwurst and polka autumn weekends have long since become an annual tradition.

The original Bavarian Oktoberfest celebrated the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese.  This year's revival began in mid-September and concludes Oct. 4. Some started as early as Labor Day and others come as late as October.

Oktoberfest is one more good reason to get outdoors during some glorious weather.  And while the delicious German fare is anything but calorie free, there are many ways to counter balance these calories with dancing or bicycling or walking to and from the festivals. As always, the key to a healthy lifestyle is moderation, physical activity and a balanced diet.

Here in the mid-Atlantic area, we at Sip & Savor can still catch Maryland festivals Saturday and Sunday in Frederick, where the kids can make scarecrows and paint their faces and on Saturday in Germantown they can paint pumpkins and run obstacle courses.  To find Oktoberfests in your area, use your favorite search engine, view your state’s department of tourism online and explore your local newspaper’s weekend section.

Enjoy yet another weekend outdoors!