Recently, the No D.C. Beverage Tax coalition got up and running in opposition to a proposed tax on sugar-sweetened beverages in the nation's capital.  If passed, this tax would increase prices on juice drinks, flavored waters, sports drinks and teas, too - it's far more than just a "soda tax."

What's truly unfortunate is that this tax would be paid by the hard-working families of the District, and we at Sip & Savor believe that there couldn't be a worse time to raise prices on a specific group of items in people’s grocery carts.   And while it has been suggested that the revenue from this tax would go to nutrition programs, we also know that the obesity issue will not be resolved by taxing anything, let alone beverages.

There is no doubt that work needs to be done here in D.C. to turn back the clock on obesity.  And we all – government and community leaders, school administrators, industry and parents  – need to work together if we want to improve the health of our city, and our nation.  Let’s just make sure that we are seeking comprehensive solutions that will have a meaningful and lasting impact, rather than simplistic approaches like taxes that simply won’t make a difference.

Please visit for more information on the coalition, and let your voice be heard by contacting your Council Member.