New York City residents - whether or not they drink sugar-sweetened beverages themselves – oppose Gov. David Paterson's proposal for a penny-per-ounce tax on certain beverages, like soft drinks, teas, sports drinks and juice drinks.

As recently reported in a Wall Street Journal blog, a Marist Poll found 63 percent of those surveyed opposed the tax, only 31 percent supported it and 6 percent hadn’t made up their minds. Of particular note: even 52 percent of those who do not drink the beverages targeted by the proposal were against the tax.

We at Sip & Savor are seeing Americans' views become clearer with each passing day.  National public opinion research including an AdWeek Media /Harris Poll conducted by Harris Interactive and one by  Rasmussen Reports shows they don’t want a tax on soft drinks.  We encourage policymakers to look for comprehensive solutions to the nation’s health problems and not resort to simplistic measures that squeeze family budgets, hurt those who can least afford it and miss the mark on making Americans healthier.