New Yorker’s continue to express their opposition to Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to ban the sale of soft drinks larger than 16 ounces. In addition to yesterday’s Rasmussen poll, another poll released this morning from NY1- Marist College finds that most New Yorkers (53 percent) believe the ban is a bad idea.

Last Friday, during an interview on NBC’s Today Show with Matt Lauer and Bloomberg, Lauer stated that 83 percent of voters in an NBC online poll thought that the mayor’s proposed ban would not help reduce obesity.

All of these polling results are consistent with opinions expressed through social media, as well. The online conversation about the ban has been robust - with hundreds of thousands of mentions on blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube since the proposal was announced last week.  The message is clear: New Yorkers are smart enough to make their own decisions.  And they don’t want government telling them what to eat or drink.