Lawmakers and public health activists worldwide like to believe that regulation is the magic wand that will solve a host of public health problems. A new study from the Institute of Economic Affairs argues that attempts by the government to improve public health through regulation of certain foods or ingredients such as sugar is not effective.

“There is insufficient evidence to suggest that a calorie from sugar is more fattening than a calorie from other foods,” writes Rob Lyons and Christopher Snowdon.

That’s right! A calorie is a calorie and all calories count. The key to maintaining a healthy weight is knowing how to balance all the calories we consume with the number of calories our body uses or “burns off” through physical activity or everyday body metabolism.

“The justification for excessive government intervention in the sugar market simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Not only is the link between sugar consumption and health issues such as obesity and diabetes weak but the belief that the market falls short when it comes to providing healthy alternatives and adequate product information is simply not true,” Rob Lyons goes on to state in a press release.

We couldn’t agree more. That is why the beverage industry is focused on being part of meaningful solutions to the complex issues we face as a country.  We launched our Balance Calories Initiative in partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and the Clinton Global Initiative. Through this initiative, our companies are working to help reduce calories  consumed from beverages by 20 percent per person nationally by 2025.  By educating people on the importance of balancing what they eat and drink with what they do we can help them achieve a balanced lifestyle.