As we've shared with our readers over the past few months, America's leading non-alcoholic beverage companies are bringing the Clear on Calories initiative to stores and consumers are seeing new calorie labels on the front of their favorite beverages.  The beverage industry's voluntary commitment to make calories more visible and useful to consumers supports First Lady Michelle Obama's efforts to help families make informed choices as part of an active, healthy lifestyle.

We’ve recently updated the information about Clear on Calories available on our website.  You’ll find detailed information about the program, a section of frequently asked questions, news releases and more.

And when you have a minute, check out our latest TV spot that shows you exactly what to look for when you head down the beverage aisle in the grocery store.   In addition to the television ad, you can also take a look at the Clear on Calories print ad that we call “Fingertips” – it shows consumers exactly where to find the new label.

The new calorie labels began appearing on some beverages last fall and are now rolling out in stores across the nation.  Keep an eye out for additional labeled product in the coming months as we work toward full implementation by early 2012.  And when you spy the new label, let us know – we’d love to hear from you on Facebook and Twitter!