With everything you may be reading in the headlines on the growing obesity problem that our country is facing, it’s important you know what the facts are. We created LetsClearItUp.org for you to use as a resource when you need to get the facts.

For example:

Myth: The obesity epidemic can be reversed if people stop drinking soda.

Fact: Sugar-sweetened beverages account for only 7% of calories in the average American’s diet, according to government data.

Obesity is a complex problem that cannot be solved by focusing on any one piece of the total diet. Science shows that overweight and obesity are caused by an imbalance between “calories in,” the calories we consume through all foods and beverages, and “calories out,” those we burn through basic body functions, daily activities and regular exercise. Focusing on one item — soda, for example — ignores the bigger problem and doesn’t offer real solutions

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