Making sure your children get all the vitamins and nutrients they need can sometimes be a challenge - especially when busy schedules and picky eaters are involved.  But there’s a nutrient source that can be a refreshing and convenient one for you and your family – 100 percent juice.

“One hundred percent fruit juice plays an important role in the diets of children and teens, supplying important nutrients during crucial years for growth and development,” says Dr. Carol O'Neil, the lead investigator of a new research paper published in the current online issue of Public Health Nutrition, in a news release. Using government data that examined the diets of children and adolescents ages 2 to 18, researchers at the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center and Baylor College of Medicine found that consumption of 100 percent juice is associated with higher intakes of select nutrients such as dietary fiber;  vitamins A ,C, and E; magnesium; folate; phosphorus; calcium; and potassium.  The findings of this study are important – and, in fact, mirror those of the same researchers when it comes to adult consumers of 100 percent juice.

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