Moms know what’s best for their kids. Yet there are some who think they know better than moms when it comes to making decisions about what to feed their families.

One mom is speaking out to inject some common sense into this conversation and to reassure moms that they should spend more time enjoying their families and less time stressing about every aspect of their diets.

Jenny Splitter writes in a piece that American moms are fortunate that they are able to feed their kids “food from one of the safest food systems in the world.”

As Splitter points out, much of the rhetoric about nutrition ignores this important fact. If you believed everything you heard or read, there probably wouldn’t be much left for you to eat or drink. We should be careful not to “trust anecdotal evidence and sentimental narratives without ever examining them with any degree of skepticism or critical thinking,” warns Splitter.

Rather than trying to live by every piece of nutritional advice and the latest study, today’s moms are better off listening to the advice of their own mothers that has stood the test of time: everything in moderation. Singling out one food, beverage or ingredient will not lead to better health. Instead, properly balancing what you eat, drink and do is the equation for success.

America’s leading beverage companies believe that moms know best, which is why they partnered with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation in 2006 to launch the National School Beverage Guidelines.  We understand that moms aren’t at school with their kids to help them choose a beverage so we made a commitment to remove full-calorie sodas from schools and replace them with a range of lower-calorie and smaller-portion choices. As a result of this ambitious effort we slashed beverage calories in schools by more than 90 percent and successfully changed the beverage landscape in schools across the country.

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