We all recognize that recycling plastic bottles is important, but do you know why? A recent article in the Herald Democrat explains the importance of recycling and how to implement several easy strategies to make recycling an everyday habit.

When you recycle a plastic bottle, the plastic is ground down into flakes, separated, washed and dried. These flakes are then processed to create brand new items such as cups, trays, clothing, carpet and even new plastic bottles! This practice is a critical component in reducing waste and saving energy. Producing a plastic bottle from scratch, rather than using recycled plastic, takes an astounding 84 percent more energy to create according to the International Bottled Water Association. The beverage industry is proud to announce that recycling rates of beverage containers rose by 8 percent in the last eight years. Although this is great progress, we can always strive to do better.

With these easy steps, you can make recycling a routine in your life:

  1. Place a recycling bin directly next to your trash can so it’s not any more difficult to separate your recyclables from the rubbish.
  2. Make sure to secure the cap on your beverage container as they are very valuable to recycle centers.
  3. Look up your city’s recycling schedule and set a reminder on your phone so you can’t forget to take out the bin on the right day.
  4. If you are traveling and there is no recycling bin near, bring the item home so you can recycle it in your personal bin.

Find out more about how America’s leading beverage companies are addressing other sustainability goals at InnovationNaturally.org!