Through the successful implementation of our School Beverage Guidelines, there are now 88 percent fewer beverage calories being shipped to schools across the country. And shipments of full-calorie soft drinks have declined by 95 percent. This is truly a monumental step toward helping address childhood obesity in America.

Here at Sip & Savor, we shared President Clinton's praise of the guidelines at last week’s news conference. This week, we wanted to share how the guidelines are impacting individual schools by talking to a school leader. So we sat down with Frank Eastham, principal of Oakland Mills High School in Columbia, Md. "We have a very deep responsibility to our students and to our communities to help students make healthy choices. The Guidelines help us do that," Principal Eastham said.

The School Beverage Guidelines remove full-calorie sodas from all schools and replace them with more lower-calorie, nutritious, smaller-portion beverage options. Or, as Eastham put it, "the Guidelines help our students make the better choice."

We take our role in being part of the solution to childhood obesity very seriously, and the School Beverage Guidelines are proof of this. Our actions speak loudly, and we are making a difference.