This holiday season, many Americans will travel over the river and through the woods to visit friends and family. Whether your travel involves a plane, train or automobile, it can be difficult to maintain balance while on the move.

Knowing that you’ll want to enjoy the goodies that await you at your destination, it is important to make smart choices as you travel. Fortunately, America’s leading beverage companies are making this easy to do.

We take the guessing game out of choosing the beverage that’s right for you by clearly displaying calorie counts on the front of every can, bottle and pack we produce and on vending machines. We also offer a wide array of low- and no-calorie options and portion sizes so that your beverage choice can fit into your balance equation for the day.

We understand that traveling during the holidays can be a headache. But rest assured that maintaining balance doesn’t have to be. We wish you safe (and smooth) travels during this holiday season!