The holiday season is in full swing and as people across the country are celebrating with their families, many are also thinking how they can continue to achieve a balanced diet that they can maintain into the new year. Thankfully, America’s beverage companies offer a wide variety of low- or no-calorie products which provide sweetness and refreshment while reducing sugar and calories. And while there is plenty of research and information on these products and ingredients, here are the three facts you need to know:

  1. Low- and no-calorie sweeteners have been approved by regulatory agencies around the world, including the World Health Organization, U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the European Food Safety Authority.
  2. All approved low- and no-calorie sweeteners are safe for use in foods and beverages and can be a way to add a little sweetness to your favorite beverage with few (or no) calories!
  3. Low- and no-calorie sodas, which are 99 percent water, have been proven to be an effective tool for weight loss and weight maintenance.

Resources like Calorie Control Council and the International Food Information Council Foundation are great places to go to find science-backed information about food and beverages and you can visit to learn more about beverage options with less sugar.